Only Fools Rush In

“These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. They worship me in vain; their teachings are merely human rules.” (Matthew 15: 8-9)

Sometimes when we meet with God in our quiet times, it is hard to give over “our” time to “Him”. Why is this? We need to rend our hearts when we first arrive to be with Him, but we are so burdened with our sin, guilt and problems that we put ourselves first in the time slot. I am guilty as charged. Some days I come and rend my heart and I repent so I can be cleansed and have nothing between me and God, but other times I just rush right in. I am so much in need of His loving care that I don’t give Him His rightful place.

We need to approach God with sincerity. Sincere respect, sincere love, sincere placement in our lives and give Him some time to speak to us. When we do this, our issues and problems don’t seem so large and over bearing. We can see a clear path and way forward. Our burdens are lifted when we first lift Him up in praise and honor and glory. It is a supernatural thing that occurs when we come to Him with sincere and loving hearts.

Elvis Presley sang, “ wise men say, only fools rush in”. Practicing sincerity with God first can show us the way to improve all our relationships. When we meet with our family, friends and co workers, if seek the good things in them and we give them praise and honor and glory we will find fertile ground to nurture and in turn, we will be nurtured upon.

There is good and bad in everyone. It is better to look upon the good. The more we feed the good things in people instead of the bad, the better everyone feels. Propagating the good grows the good the same as propagating the bad grows bad. Just as plants need water and fertilization to grow healthy and strong, relationships and people need the same. If the weeds are allowed to be fed and grow, they choke out the beautiful plants and eventually take over. Eradicate the weeds, water the flowers and you can enjoy a fragrant garden.

It is hard to be sincere in any relationship when your eyes are upon yourself. Anytime you are so focused upon yourself a line is drawn and division and separation result. Focus on the things above. Keep your eyes upon the Lord and your energies applied to His will for your life and all the weeds and problems will diminish and your garden of relationships will flourish.

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