The Lord is my Shepherd, I lack nothing (Psalm 23 NIV)

No matter how bleak things seem, how frightened or worried, or hopeless the enemy tries to paint a picture in your life, it is a lie.

Friends fall sick, family passes away, husbands or wives walk away from a marriage, jobs are lost, cancer enters your life, homes are lost, children go astray, cars fail.  Any number of things can happen in the blink of an eye, when you least expect it and life is dealt a blow that will have some long-term implications.  Believe it or not, it is not as important what happens as it is how you deal with it.

The enemy knows when you are in a weakened state and he will strike just and hard and fast.  His main objective is to take you while you are down and destroy you.  Every decision that is made will impact something in the future and if he can cause you to go off track he will.  He will use your emotions, all of them, to distract, side-track, back-track, stop you in your tracks and take you back if he can.

It is during these difficult and painful times in our lives that we can question the God that loves us beyond measure and His decisions for our lives.  We can get angry, feel abandoned or alienated and take an enough is enough attitude and turn ourselves away from Him.  When we react out of our emotions our tendencies are to make really bad decisions.  Our protective human nature kicks in and our rationale is affected.  We become defensive, retributive, fearful, abusive and in the end regressive and remorseful.

If God is not a part of your life, then the emotions described above turn to self and the victim mentality takes its aggressions out on those around you, who love you the most.  Human beings rarely have the capacity to deal with this type of emotive implosion, much less the compassion as much as they would like to think.

But if the Lord is your Shepherd, you shall not lack (Psalm 23: V.1).  If you turn to Him, He will lead you beside the still waters and refresh your soul (V.2), He will lead you onto the right paths and walk beside you through it all, pushing aside your enemies and providing peace and comfort, (V. 3-4).  Eventually, He will walk you out into the light and anoint you with blessings and restore to you more than you thought possible even to overflowing (V.5).  He will never leave you and always be with you as long as you dwell with Him (V.6). (paraphrased)

1 Peter 5:7 says, “ Don’t submit to circumstances, instead submit to the Lord who controls all circumstances”.  When crisis occurs if we go to the source we can plead our case and ask for the help and answers that only He can give.  Who knows, the circumstance could have been created just so you would turn to Him.

Nothing lasts in an existing state forever. Not people, places, things or circumstances.  Each moment in time is to be celebrated and embraced with the One who created it.  We can’t understand why things happen when they do or how they do, but He does and He is the One who can best Shepherd us through.  Our life lessons are best taught by Him who can see into the future and understands what it takes to prepare us for what He has next.  Let him hold your tears and then let him hold you up and move your forward.  No one can take His place, no one can understand like Him, comfort like Him and restore you like He can.  What was, was good, but the best is yet to come. If you don’t move forward with Him, you will never receive all that He created for you, and you for.

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