The Indefensible Weapon

“In you, Lord, I have taken refuge; let me never be put to shame, deliver me in you righteousness.  Turn your ear to me, come quickly to my rescue, be my rock of refuge, a strong fortress to save me.  Since you are my rock and my fortress,  for the sake of your name lead and guide me.”  (Psalm 31: 1-3)

You are there, I know you hear me. I know you answer prayers, you have taken care of me my whole life.  My rock, my salvation, my countenance, my comfort, my peace, you are always there.  I depend on you for everything.  This is such a wonderful confidence. This is absolute truth and Satan turned it into a deceptive tool.

In my life experience I have found that there are peaks and valleys, hills and gorges and sometimes a dry river bed that stretches on forever. Where ever I find myself, I know that I am not alone.  For the past few years I have been walking that dry river bed searching for the inlet to where the waters will begin to flow. I have picked up little pebbles along the way that have hurt my feet to walk on, I have moved rocks that were in the way and swept clean a path to follow.  Today, I found the bolder that was blocking the flow of water, the dam that was holding everything back.  What a revelation!  What a monumental find.  Now comes the even harder part, how do I remove the blockage and keep it from coming back?

Sometimes when we are so deep in prayer, so wanting and needing to hear from God about a specific need our enemy sneaks in and takes hold of our weak places and holds us hostage.  He wraps his chain of lies around us and feeds into our fears, builds on dissolution and disappointment and creates a little fortress or stronghold against us.  The more we believe in his lies the more he feeds us and the bigger the fortress becomes.

Our enemy is sometimes clever enough to take hold of our faith, the one thing that defines us as Christians and weave his deceptions into it.  This happens when we mature as Christians and we gain knowledge and strength against the enemy.  His usual bag of tricks don’t work anymore, his power has been diminished so that he has to work harder and harder to find his quicksand.

Our tool against him is prayer.  Prayer is the one thing that Satan cannot battle.  He has no defense against prayer because prayer is the will of God.  Prayer is our lifeline, our point of communion with God.  Especially as your prayer life begins to grow and develop power and you pray in communion with the Holy Spirit.  It’s like the line MC Hammer and Rick James used in their songs, “you can’t touch this”.  Satan can’t touch our prayers.

When we pray for revelation against Satan’s lies and deceptions we become empowered to disarm him, to break the chains and blow-up the fortresses he builds.  Now, as it is with all prayers, God answers them in His own time and own way.  He clears the log jams as slowly or quickly as is necessary for us to learn and grow.

My latest revelation was seeing how the enemy had built a deception and distortion around my faith that God was going to provide for me. I had the faith and was diligent in my prayer.  The deception was around the way I was praying for provision.  I was praying like my dependency was a burden, like it was a bad place to be.  Imagine that……being dependent on the One who has all power, the One with unlimited resources and ability, in control of all that there is or ever will be and I was being deceived as though this was a hard place, a drudgery, as if I was a slave to it.  Now imagine the implosion of knowledge the moment God revealed the truth.  Is there anyone else I would rather be dependent on?  No!!!!  Is it a bad thing or a good thing to be dependent on God?  Duh!!  What freedom when you begin to walk in the truth.  But here comes another hard part…..remember the parable about the good news/seeds that falls onto the different types of soils in Matthew chapter thirteen?  The moment truth is revealed, there the enemy is again trying to steal it back.  He begins to weave new lies around your newfound truth.  Continue to pray for truth and revelation.  Continue to fight the good fight with the one weapon he cannot stand against.

When we pray, the one thing we are to pray with is our faith and our expectation.  If we are in communion with God, there is no better place to be, ever!!!!  This is a great and wonderful thing.

Don’t let Satan steal your joy, your hope, your expectation or your faith.  Don’t let him deceive you to believe that being dependent on your creator is anything but the best thing you could ever be.  Walk in the truth, walk in the power of knowledge that prayer is your sharpest and indefensible weapon!  And when you pray, pray expecting your mighty God to act on your behalf, for your good and for His glory!!!

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.  Commit your way to Him, trust in Him and He will act”  Psalm 37: 4-5)

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